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About Us

TEA Developments create homes that are luxurious, contemporary and sustainable in design. Reinventing difficult site locations through innovative planning and creative exit strategies

TEA Living Management team offers a bespoke property management solution for all types of property: residential, commercial or block Post completion.

TEA Construction Our people have vast experience in all areas of this dynamic industry, including construction, design, development, contracting, marketing and finance.

About Us

TEA Group Ltd, is a two armed UK based property development company.    ‘TEA in..’  Developments (SPV's) and 

TEA Living a property management company,  which maintains the bespoke property solutions for all completed TEA developments post completion. 

TEA balances sustainable design, difficult site locations, innovative planning, and creative exit strategies for all its clients at different stages of the developments.  

  • Maximising the volume and mix of development
  • Reducing the impact of planning or highways agreements
  • Achieving best price and terms,  overages & claw-backs.
  • Managing the complexities of the development process.

TEA aims to maximize this lucrative and excellent opportunity by inviting interested investors to come on board and tap into this excellent client driven market. 

TEA is collective team with a wealth of experience delivering residential developments in London, Europe and West Africa. 

At the heart of our sustainable approach to enhancing neighbourhoods. Celebrating the people, their stories and the culture in areas previously overlooked. 

TEA creates bespoke exit strategies for all its clients at different stages of the developments. 

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